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GRO-KASHI is a specialty

fertilizer based on ancient fermentation.

This is no ordinary soil amendment!

GRO-KASHI infuses life force

back into the soil.

Do not be alarmed! You may experience microbial growth

which is natural and beneficial.

We stock in 2#Bags
The plant will do only well if it has all the nutrients it needs.

If we do not re-amend or top-dress more compost every few weeks,
we may bump into the Law of Minimum, where the plant begins
to show deficiency because one or more of its essential nutrients
is no longer available.
Because GRO-KASHI enhances soil life, and increases the uptake and
breakdown of soil nutrients, we often find the need to
re-amend with more good stuff.

Continual amendment of compost and minerals to prevent depletion

is crucial. Top dress and re-amend with compost, or earthworm castings,
and GRO-KASHI every couple of weeks. It is common for plants to
use up all the nutrition in the soil.
The plants uptake more with GRO-KASHI,
giving you your highest yield.