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Imperial Blend Potting Mix

is a premium, artisan soil 
with a precise balance of minerals and 
beneficial ingredients for your 
indoor and outdoor planting needs.

Imperial Blend holds moisture while 
draining making this soil ideal for 
indoor planters, as well as 
large outdoor pots, grow bags, 
raised beds  and gardens. 
Use for edible plants, perennials, annuals, 
shrubs and trees.

Can also be used for succulents or cacti
 Generally no need to add amendments
 or fertilization for most plants. 
Just plant directly in and water. 
Soil nutrients are easily absorbed by plants 
for long-term healthy and nutritious growth. 
For higher yields, heavier feeding plants, plant-specific fertilizers can be added, usually with in 4-6 weeks
Our suggestion: Place this mix where you will be planting and let sit  for 2 weeks. during these two weeks soil drench with a tea 2-3 time per week. We like Sustane Compost Tea 




DISCLAIMER: We try to describe our products as accurately as possible and we show you pictures here on our web site to give you an idea of what products look like, however  these are natural products and we cannot be responsible for variations in texture, color, shape or size.
Computer monitors vary in color and your understanding might be slightly different than what we described. We HIGHLY recommend you come in to inspect texture, color, shape

and size before making your purchase. 
Once loaded or delivered  bulk products are not returnable.


compare to empire builder potting mix

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