MAXSEA 16-16-16

All Purpose Plant Food

Designed for year ’round use on all plants,  indoors and outdoors. A regular feeding program with

Maxsea All Purpose will promote vigorous,  sturdy plants with distinct, dark, seaweed green foliage,

quality blossoms and abundant

fruit and vegetables.

MAXSEA 3-20-20

Bloom Plant Food

Especially formulated to improve flowering,  bud set, bud count, blossom quality, quantity and size on all flowering plants, as well as promoting abundant fruit and vegetable yields. From roses to tomatoes, this blend boosts your bounty.


Algamin Kelp Meal (1-0-2)

is a pure extract of ascophyllum nodosum

from Norway that provides trace minerals as

well as small amounts of nitrogen,

phosphorus and potassium. 
When added to ALL gardens, kelp will

enhance plant nutrition, improve overall

plant vigor and encourage tolerance to crop

stresses such as insect pests, disease, frost and drought.