Concentrated Compost





No Measuring, No Special Equipment, No Waste

Just Fast, Easy Fertilizing!

The most convenient, fast and dose-controlled way to feed plants. Simply put 1 to 3 tea bags into a watering can, let it soak overnight, and apply topically to leaves and soil the following day. Reapply fresh tea weekly. Ideal for indoor plants because there are NO harsh fertilizers to bring into your home. It's an all-natural fertilizer you can use around your family. It's OMRI listed and safe for all flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs. Compost Tea Bags can also be placed into the root zone of potted or bed-grown plants at planting or repotting time to give them a slow, even feeding of nutrients.

Reapply once every 3-4 months during routine fertilization

maintenance after plant establishment.

One bag contains twelve 21-gram compost tea bags.

Suståne Introduces the first true aerobically composted organic fertilizer with all the nutrients

and humic substances necessary for optimal plant growth
Suståne Offers a range of 100% organic formulations for rapid establishment, uniform feeding,

precision placement, and season long crop fertility.
Suståne Produces predictable results, dependable performance, and high quality plants.

Suståne Organic and Natural Based Fertilizers are the

new generation of environmentally friendly fertilizers.

Our multi bag discounts start at 5 or more bags.

Sustane fertilizers have a large microbial diversity. Why is Microbial Diversity Important:

In soil or compost, high species richness diversity promotes interspecies relationships and

inter-population interactions. Species diversity allows more varied and
flexible response to environmental changes. More diverse microbial communities
can better cope with disturbance and stress than can low diversity soils.


is an all natural slow release
fertilizer that complies with the

National Organic Program (NOP) standards.

Sustane fertilizers work by replenishing the soil

with a rich supply of humus and essential

nutrients required by sound and long term

soil building programs.

Sustane 5-2-4 provides a combinations of

naturally chelated nutrients derived from

biologically stabilized compost,

plus potash and feathermeal


plus Beneficial Fungi

 and Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed,

humic acid, and soluble carbohydrates
BOLSTER GRANULAR contains a powerful,

synergistic blend of mycorrhizae, growth factors

and plant biostimulants proven to

promote rapid root development, superior growth

and protect roots from drought, stress,

transplant shock, pathogens

and soil contaminants.




Suståne® 4-6-4 Landscapers’ and Gardener's Choice

is a natural organic starter and maintenance fertilizer.

Suståne® 4-6-4 works by replenishing the soil with a

rich supply of humus (stabilized organic matter)

and the essential nutrients required
for sound and long term fertility programs.

Suståne® 4-6-4

coated in molasses, provides a combination of slow release nutrients and organic substances. Derived from biologically stable compost plus natural potash and feathermeal.




 Natural Organic Soil Builder

is derived solely from biologically stable compost. Suståne® 2-3-3 replenishes the soil

with a rich supply of humus combined with

all of the essential nutrients required for a sound and long term soil building program.
Suståne® Natural Fertilizers provide beneficial microbial diversity improving the ecosystem of your soil. The power of compost concentrated.

Available in 1 yard totes



Benefits of Suståne® 8•2•4
• Adds approximately 10% humates by weight
• Increases microbial diversity index in soils
• Increases the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil
• Enhances plant stress tolerance in any environment or soil type
• Provides greater root development
• Suståne 8-2-4 buffers soil pH
• Supplies plant available Calcium and all secondary elements
• Increases the soil’s ability to suppress plant pathogens
• Builds soil through particle aggregation, increasing permeability
and nutrient cycling
Always Safe for Plants, People