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Computer monitors vary in color and your understanding might be slightly different than what we described. We HIGHLY recommend you come in to inspect texture, color, shape

and size before making your purchase. 
Once loaded or delivered  bulk products are not returnable.

  Wacky Alaskan Potting Mix
Our most popular potting mix
Made with quality products to

give you  great results! 
We use SIX. ..yes...6 different high end compost
NO OTHER  bulk soil  blender in our area uses as many high quality compost giving you a

full variety of life along with

FOUR (4) different Mineral Rock Dusts

and BIOCHAR to give you the best  variety of

food available for the microbiology in this mix....
allowing the soil to feed your plants. 

Blended for water retention along

with  great porosity. Mixed with enough

fertilizer for the growing season,

for heavy feeders we suggest you 

add fertilizer as your garden grows. 

Heavy feeding plants may require nutrients 

starting at 4-6 weeks for optimum yields. 
We recommend using only organic nutrients 

This mix is alive...  adding Inorganic  (synthetic) nutrients will kill or upset the cycle

of the microbiology and you 

will need to  fertilize more often  

Use in ground, in grow pots, raised beds or mix into your tired soil to bring it alive. 

Great for Square Foot Gardening 

Our suggestion: Place this mix where you will be planting and let sit for 2 weeks. during these two weeks soil drench with a tea 2-3 time per week. We like Sustane Compost Tea 


compare to empire builder potting mix

Sanctuary soils



Peat Moss

Fir Bark Fines 

 Oly Mountain  Fish Compost 
Dairy Compost

Chicken Compost

Malibu Compost

Forest Humus    
Sustane Turkey Compost   Dakota Peat Soil Enhancer Compost   
 Worm Castings

Coco Coir

Redwood Peat




Sustane Fertilizer

Kelp Meal

Humic Acid

Fish Bone Meal     

Crustacean Meal

Neem Cake

Oyster Shel

Glacial Rock Dust     



Bio Char


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