Rare Earth Landscape Materials

was started in 1980

We are a family owned company committed to
bringing you the highest quality products 

at reasonable prices

 Founded by Jim Hopper just after graduating from 

Nevada Union High School, while attending

American River College 

Jim's goal was to bring

landscape and garden supplies  that were not

available to Nevada County, and starting

with only a small tractor,

Jim would rent a trailer and shovel

customers materials out on deliveries.

Jim’s wife Jami, also a Nevada Union graduate

joined him at Rare Earth in 1984.

Together they have strived hard to bring the best possible

materials and supplies for your garden and landscape.

Now we have been joined by our son Kirby Hopper,

after attending college in Oregon and at Sierra College

Kirby is bringing new ideas to build a

bigger and better Rare Earth. 

We still do business the same way we did when we started many years ago-with the strongest emphasis possible on customer service. While we’re proud of our growth and success over the years, we haven’t forgotten who made it possible,

our customers… truly our most precious asset.

Rare Earth Landscape Materials has grown each

year while bringing more

products to Nevada County and its surrounding areas.

We want to bring you the best products at the best prices.

The staff at Rare Earth Landscape Materials is a very committed group and they are completely dedicated and ready to help with your choice of our many products, each capable of consultation to suit your specific needs whatever they may be.. custom soil blends, lawn care, vegetable gardens, fertilizers, patios, retaining walls, 

garden statuary, fountains and so much more

We are very proud to have been Growing in Nevada County for over 37 years.

Potting Mix in Grass Valley