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We HIGHLY recommend you come in to inspect

texture, color, shape and size
before making your purchase. 
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Sandy Loam Soil 

Fir Bark Fines


Forest Compost

Mushroom Compost

    (peat moss,     horse manure,       straw,     rice hulls, 

    a pinch of chicken  compost,

    lime,  gypsum,

     cotton seed  meal


‚Äčin this mix



 A planting soil mix for
Lawns, Trees & Shrubs
Blended with minimal fertilizer for Trees & Shrubs,
you will need to add fertilizer for your seed or sod lawns
We highly recommend Sustane 8-2-4 for your lawn
Use to replace your own soil
or use in large raised beds.
For water saving tips
we suggest adding Biochar to your soil..
Biochar will hold water and nutrients longer
allowing you to water and fertilize less often

Can not be used in small containers
If you need a small container media
we suggest our potting mixes