For water saving tips we suggest adding Biochar to your soil..
Biochar will hold water and nutrients longer
allowing you to water and fertilize less often

Native Mow-Free™
 Molate red fescue -
Festuca rubra
 Idaho fescue - Festuca idahoensis
 Western fescue - Festuca

 A combination of fine-leaved, loosely- tufted and

creeping grasses
 Performs well on many
soil types and areas such as hillsides, meadows  and slopes
- Grows in full sun and

partial shade
Thrives in bio-swale conditions


A Combination of

Fine Fescues

A Blend of sheep, hard, and creeping red fescues that creates a meadow-like look 
Can be left unmowed if desired
Good shade resistance
Works well on slopes and unmowed roughs on

golf courses


      Here at Rare Earth Landscape Materials our choice of sod

      is Delta Bluegrass,,,,,,,,why ?

      Delta Bluegrass Company continues to focus on the

      importance of quality, consistency and sustainability

      with their premium products and service.

      Delta Bluegrass  strives to be a valuable resource in

      our industry and encourage you to join us in their

      commitment to green living!

      We feel they are the best source of sod for

      our area.

      Pick up or Delivery is available to you

      200 square foot minimum

      We also stock Delta Bluegrass Seed


Heat Tolerant Tall Fescues Combined With Shade Tolerant Fine Fescues
Specifically designed to excel in full and filtered sun
Contain two tall fescues and fine fescues varieties known to excel in up to to 40% shade.
Excellent heat and wear tolerance for high traffic areas




90% Tall Fescue,

10% Kentucky Bluegrass
Stands up better to high traffic areas. Adapts to shade and winters well    Deep rooted, very little thatch
Good color, low maintenance
Mowing height as low as

1 ½ to 2 inches


100% Bolero™ Dwarf Fescue

Slower growing,

fewer clippings
Heat and drought tolerant
Excellent disease
Beautiful dark

blue-green color,

fine bluegrass-like texture


90% Bolero™ Dwarf Fescue, 10% Kentucky Bluegrass

Bolero Plus blend was created with the addition of bluegrass to Bolero™ dwarf fescue
The addition of Kentucky Bluegrass assures better density and faster wear recovery