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1 CuFt Bags &

1 yard TOTES

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Worm Castings

We try to bring to you

the purest worm castings

however....all worm castings

will have residue of

compost mixed with them.

​Bulk castings


In Bulk sold by the Cubic Yard

we stock California Soils

Heritage PremiumWorm Castings

humus and mineral fed

Bags   are 1 cubic foot

Worm castings are the ultimate soil amendment.

They provide a sustained release of vital minerals such as calcium,

magnesium, nitrogen, phosphates, and potash into your soil which are absolutely vital to plant growth. Worm castings provide a huge beneficial impact on the quality of your crops. The result is healthier soil, robust,

disease resistant plants, and higher crop yields at harvest time.

HOW TO USE: Container Gardening Top dress

1/2 to 1 inch of castings on the top of container.

Amending Potting Soil Add at about 10% - 20% of mix.

Great to make a tea and soil drench your plants